Building a sustainable foundation for growth

Our Story

Seed Property Consultants was born in Oxford back in 2011 and is the brain-child of founder Raj Deb. Raj is a passionate serial property entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience successfully building and growing his own property portfolio as well as helping others to create theirs.

Seed was born out of a personal drive and passion to assist positive change in other people, helping them realise their potential and dreams. Driven by Raj’s boundless energy, Seed works with its clients to create wealth through property and give them back their freedom and time, ensuring a balanced life, through happiness and success.

Seed Property Consultants was created to provide you with a path to success and happiness. Working with you, we build a strong and sustainable foundation for growth, aimed at achieving wealth and fulfilment in every area of your life. Combining detailed one-to-one consultations, a complete management service and over 50 years’ experience, we meticulously manage our clients’ through all stages of the property investment process.

Our story starts with the passion and experience of the highs and lows of property investment of founder Raj Deb. Overseeing numerous challenges often faced in the property arena, especially back in 2007/08, the experience gained by Raj has enabled him to successfully overcome these difficult challenges which he prides being able to share with others helping them to build their own successful property business.

Raj’s belief is to have the right mindset with a longer term view to building your property business, this is a key fundamental Raj and Seed firmly believe.

Seed offers a one-stop-shop for everybody interested in property investment. His drive is to make people wealthy and happy at the same time and he has attracted a great team of professionals around him to support you in every step of the process.

Seed was launched in 2011 in Oxfordshire when Raj spotted a gap in the property market where his company could create an outstanding service enabling clients to share in his vision of creating happiness and wealth building and enjoying the experience of this path utilising property as a vehicle.

Raj spent the first couple of years turning his dream into a well-established and working company and by 2013, Seed had a staff of four renowned experts and numerous clients.

In 2014 Seed moved to London to grow to the next level. The team has more than doubled both in numbers and expertise and since then, Seed comprises of 10 experts and has a Non-Executive Advisory Board.

The success story of Seed is a result of Raj being both careful and considerate whilst always incredibly enthusiastic.

Seed have a number of strategic partners ranging from specialist accountants and tax professionals, financial lending houses, building contractors, architects, project management, legal experts all within the property field which enables Seed to provide a one-stop service to its clients to help secure, build and grow their property business.

The Seed team are passionate, professional, caring, dedicated and go that extra mile to secure above and beyond their clients’ expectations building a successful property business by working in partnership.

Working with you, we build a strong and sustainable foundation for growth, aimed at achieving wealth and fulfilment in every area of your life.

With skill in a multitude of investment types, we have sourced over 500 residential properties, spent over £50,000,000 in development and had hundreds of clients.


- Founder, Seed Property Consultants