Residential Property

With the extension of permitted development rights, residential property conversions became quite popular in the UK market. Here at Seed we also believe that this is an excellent opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Basically, the investment process includes purchasing a commercial property that needs a certain amount of construction work in order to be converted to a residential property. Usually planning permission is required, however, there are other important factors that do need to also be considered.

We Make Property Conversion Simple

The team of Seed experts and partners works together through the entire process and makes sure that it is clear and straightforward. We always select the smartest way to achieve the final results we have set before ourselves.

In order to choose the most suitable residential property conversion deals to invest into, we draw a detailed conversion plan that will include the budgeting, the activities that need to be performed as well as any amenities that are lacking or should be added in order to make the property more attractive.

We have more than 50 years of experience with property investment and we use our knowledge and skills to draw and meticulously execute a plan that is result-oriented. We are looking after the best residential property conversion deals available on the market that offer bigger and faster return.

The overall goal of a residential property conversion is to boost the value of the commercial property that was purchased and to maximise the return of the investment with minimum efforts. Therefore, Seed scans the market to find the most appealing projects that are located in areas with high demand but low supply and then includes them in the comprehensive final investment product offered to our clients.

Our expertise and experience are what help us cherry-pick only the most lucrative deals as we see them on the market but it is up to our clients to vet their trust in us and choose to invest in the deal we have prepared.