Why you?

Constantly striving to build foundations for your future, yet struggling to find the time to enjoy the important things in life?

Are you overwhelmed with working gruelling hours in an unfulfilling job? Would you much rather spend time with your family yet find yourself missing out on valuable time, week after week? Are you worried about your lack of pension fund, yet feel powerless to do anything about it? Or do you want to move your property business to the next level, but lack the time to give it the focus it requires?

Everyone’s different. Yet finding the time to enjoy the life you’ve created is the one battle we all have in common. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why Seed?

We put you at the centre of all we do. The ambitions you’ve been secretly harbouring. The dreams you’re almost scared to voice. The successes you’re determined to achieve. The time you wish you could get back.

Frustrated with a lack of clear and impartial advice, Raj Deb created Seed to deliver a fresh, exciting and passionate outlook on property investment.

Founded in 2010, we combine the commitment, expertise and passion to bring you a bespoke wealth creation service, helping you achieve your dreams and empowering you to live the life you want.

Whatever your goal, we work with you to achieve it, executing every aspect of a meticulously thought out property investment plan to give you the life you want and the time to enjoy it.



Be free from the financial constraints of your life. Choose the life you want to live, and revel in the time you have to enjoy it.


Every member of our exceptional team is completely committed. Even when the results exceed your expectations, we’re still working for you.


We’re passionate about every aspect of your property investment. This is reflected in our industry-leading service and execution.

Achieve your lifestyle dream

Combining detailed one-to- one consultations, a bespoke end-to- end property investment service and over 50 years’ experience, achieving your lifestyle dream is at the heart of everything we do.

Whatever your ultimate goal, our approach is guided by three working principles, designed to ensure you create a profitable, sustainable property business that delivers safety, security and peace of mind.

How we work with you

Starting with your goals and dreams, we research, analyse and review to create a unique property investment roadmap, customised to you. And our involvement doesn’t end once we’ve achieved them. Here’s a taster of our unique wealth creation success formula to give you a bit of insight into how we work with you to achieve your lifestyle dream.

Discovering your dream

We get to know you and understand what you want to achieve

Reviewing your finances

We build a detailed picture of your financial position

Drawing up your strategy

We devise a bespoke property investment strategy, designed to give you the life you want

Finding your property

Our team of experts hunt down the best property deals. Investments that are completely tailored to you and your vision.

Ensuring you operate legally & in a tax efficient way

Our independent experts work on your behalf

Seed Lifestyle

  • Start on your path to success and happiness, building your property business and the life you want to live
  • Obtain personalised and passionate education and hands on execution, nurturing you into a high net worth individual, if that’s your goal

Seed Elite

  • Raise your property business to the next level with our team of committed and passionate experts
  • Get involvement tailored to your means, with guidance if you require it, and the peace of mind you’re in safe hands

Success stories

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Who we help


Fed up with working gruelling hours and not having enough time with your family?

We make it easy to get the best returns based on your goals.

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Retirees or those about to retire

Worried about your lack of pension fund preventing you from enjoying the retirement you deserve?

We’re your trusted partner, generating substantial income and growth, while you enjoy life to the full.

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Want to move your property business to the next level, yet lack the time to give it the focus it demands?

With our help, you’ll maximise your income, grow your capital and free up your time.

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Discover the benefits of our Partnership Programme

We support your entire property investment journey, and our commitment to you is absolute. We see you as our partners. And our Partnership Programme gives you unlimited access to a huge range of benefits, including:

Strategic partner access

Benefit from the combined knowledge of the entire Seed team, including mortgage brokers and financial planners – We understand your goals and measures their success by the results you achieve

Joint venture with Seed

Enjoy high growth returns by partnering with others with a similar dream on our fully-managed developments

Off-market opportunities

Access to exclusive investment properties not available on any public domain, sourced and prepared by us

Work with inspirational charities

We’re proud to support numerous foundations and charities, including Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and Butterfly Foundation, donating 1% of our fees – Help us on our mission to give back to the local and global communities

For full details of the extensive range of benefits available through our Partnership Programme, book your free consultation.

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Meet our team of committed property experts

rajRaj Deb – CEO and Founder

colinColin Harper-Penman – Investment Consultant

adrianAdrian Gumbs – Operations Manager

conradConrad Cherniavsky – Head of Projects

harshaHarsha Vyas – Head of Accounts

himatHimat Varsani – Investment Analyst

minalMinal Shukla – Accounts Manager

Dreaming of more time to enjoy what’s important? Let’s discuss how you can partner with us to achieve it.

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